Modern Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Why should I do a modern apprenticeship?

If you are between 16 – 18 years old and have just left school and are looking for options, why not consider doing a modern apprenticeship? This is the best way to earn an income while gaining a government-recognised qualification.

How does a modern apprenticeship work?

You should start off by speaking to one of our advisers who will ask you a few basic questions to see if you are eligible for funding for a modern apprenticeship. Once we decide on this, you will be invited to our office in Central London where you can speak to us about your career plans and, after a quick assessment, we can place you in employment.

Modern Apprenticeships are the way forward for training on the workplace in the 21st Century. They generally last from one to four years. Millennium City Academy, in partnership with Hillingdon Training Ltd, offers you the opportunity to do a modern  apprenticeship in Information Technology (IT) for both, Users (those who will make use of computers in their daily work)  and Practioners (those who wish to follow a more technical path and pursue a career as a computer technician). We can also offer you a modern apprenticeship in more traditional areas such as Business Administration and Customer Service.

apprenticeshipThese work-based learning opportunities are available throughout London through our partnership with Hillingdon Training Ltd. They are funded by the Skills Funding Agency, allowing students to earn while they learn. You can look on for further details.

Which employers offer modern apprenticeships?

Today, both big and small companies take modern apprentices as they are looking for employees that they can train and that can grow into their businesses. Traditionally, companies have taken work-experience students from schools or they have taken students on internships – both paid and unpaid. Our modern apprenticeships are geared to target learners between 16-18 years of age and to bridge the gap between the work experience students and internships.

Many major companies offer to take modern apprentices, including McDonalds, Bentley - the luxury car company and British Telecom, to name a few and it is rapidly becoming the best way for employers to recruit.

Levels of Modern Apprenticeship

There are two levels of modern apprenticeship available: One is the Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2) and the other is the Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3). It is recommended that Learners start at Level 2 and then progress onto Level 3.

You can gain various qualifications at the different levels, for example:

  • Level 2 - Certificate for IT Users – typically this takes  between 12 and 15 months
  • Level 3 – Diploma for IT users – typically this takes  between 15 and 18 months

Learners  also need to complete the following qualifications which will help them in their place of work:

  1. Equality and Diversity (Level 2 )
  2. Health and Safety (Level 1)

These qualifications can be completed at our central London offices during a two day workshop.

Millennium City Academy is accredited to offer Further and Higher Education programmes by the British Accreditation Council and is an approved centre for BTEC and SQA qualifications. Our mission is to deliver high quality work-related training for the benefit of residents and employers in our local area and Greater London.
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